Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pastry School- Pate Choux, Gougeres, Choquettes

This is the last of the pastry school posts.  The photo above shows the proper consistency of Pate a Choux (cabbage).
How to hold a pastry bag.
My piping skills.  Lovely, eh?

This was so cool, and yet it terrified me.  The instructor is showing us how to sprinkle sugar onto the pate a choux to make Chouquettes.  She dumped a bunch of the sugar on the sheet pan closest to her, then lifted the tray perpendicular to the table, letting the pearl sugar fall over the dough.
I was afraid they would all slide off the sheet.
Gougeres- baked pate a choux.  You can fill with savory or sweet fillings using a piping bag, or make profiteroles with these- add ice cream and chocolate sauce.
These are the baked Chouquettes, with the pearl sugar.
My take for the day- chouquettes, brownies, financiers and madeleines.

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