Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pastry School- Banana Bread

So on some level I feel like, "Banana bread?  Chocolate chip cookies?  Is this what I paid for?" Yes, it is.  You have to imagine the scale of this kitchen.  It was huge.  If you forgot to pick up a spatula before you started mixing, you had to walk way across the room to pick one up, before you could finish the task at hand.  So when we began making these "simple" formulas, it was never considered easy.  We had huge amounts of ingredients, new equipment to master, we were working in groups- enough said there- and were trying to perform all these mixing methods properly.  It was challenging, and as the week went on, the time crunch became more and more of an obstacle.  
So this is Day 2, and we made Banana Bread, Coffee Cake, and Scones, I think.  The photo above shows the mashed banana mixed with buttermilk.
Group 1's Banana Bread, ready for the oven.
So here are all the groups' breads cooling on the racks.  I have to say, I tasted it in class, but put my loaf in the freezer once I got home.  Every day we brought home more food.  I had to freeze some of it, or it would just go to waste.

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